Lloyd Kurima (Mabla 10)

Biggie Katuka, better known as Biggy or Bigman owing to his physical stature, assumes the role of a harmless big bear as his role is pretty much laid back, and yet it has so much impact on the music produced. Biggie, born in Kariba and still a single man, is the band’s keyboardist, having joined the band a few years back and started off his musical career back in the 90s.

He started off playing the marimba, thus the passion for the little keys on the board has always been there. He explains the journey that the band has walked thus far as having been difficult in the formative years as they had to make do with the little available resources. Needless to say, he is grateful for the milestones achieved by the 3rd Generation, and if this is not apparent in any other way, then his quiet smile as he stands behind everyone else, dishing out excellence from his keyboard, should speak his gratification for him.