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The Story Behind Jah Prayzah Military Uniform

As a small boy, Jah Prayzah, or Mukudzei Mukombe, always dreamed that one day he would become a soldier. He watched in admiration whenever he came across anyone who was in the military, and imagined that one day he would be like them.

His dream almost came true when he finished school and the plan was to have him enrolled in the army. He underwent the first part of the program but his mother would simply have none of it as she constantly worried that her boy would one day get hurt as a result of the field he had chosen. Consequently, he left to pursue music instead, which had begun to look promising, albeit in the slightest of ways.

As his career grew, he decided to brand his band in ways that symbolised his childhood dream. Hence he and his band wore distinctly military regalia, and became popularly identified by this. By this time, Jah Prayzah had become a force to reckon with in the local music circles.

It was no wonder then that the Zimbabwe Defence Forces saw it fit to give him an ambassadorial role, a role which he still holds to this day. The main aim of this role is to attempt to demystify the army and destroy the fear that is generally associated with them. Through his music and energy filled live performances, Jah Prayzah aims to deliver this message.

Jah Prayzah and the 3rd Generation Band are conspicuous through their unique dressing and style on stage. They wear boots on stage. Sometimes they march too. And Jah Prayzah, affectionately known as the Colonel or Musoja by his fans, salutes after almost every song. He salutes in greeting and in farewell. It is indeed, a warmer, friendlier, and more playful side to the Zimbabwe Defence Forces. One could aptly say, Mukudzei’s childhood dream came true, after all…

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